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Intro to Tai Chi Chuan and Chi Kung

$150Purchase required to enroll
10-Week Course with Nelson Clark
5-6pm, Tuesday, January 8 through March 12, 2019

Grasp the sparrows tail, Embrace tiger return to the mountain, White crane spreads its wings. These are names given to some of the different postures of the Tai Chi form. Tai chi Chuan has bee referred to as a moving meditation, designed to focus the mind body and breath to increase body awareness, balance, strength and flexibility. Additional benefits include, general health, stress management and endurance.

Pounding heaven and earth, and willow bends with the wind are the names given to the chi kung system of exercises. Chi Kung differs from the Tai Chi form in that it a series of exercises done in repetition.

This is a ten week program designed to give the beginner a taste of the benefits of the Yang family Tai Chi short form and give the intermediate student a chance to polish their skills. Classes are instructive, informative and entertaining.
Comfortable cloths are all thats needed.

Nelson P. Clark has recently become a resident of the Manchester area. He is orginally from New York where he worked construction, was a TaiChiChuan Instructor, a Licensed Massage Therapist and a Personal Trainer. Nelson began his TaiChiChuan Practice in 1983 and received full instructor (Sifu) status in 1990. Since then he has taught group and private classes through out Westchester County and outlying areas.