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Yoga for Golfers 4-Week Course

$48Purchase required to enroll
with Pat Meredith, RYT 200
4:30-5:30, Monday, July 9, 26, 23, 30, 2018
$48 for 4-Week Course
(included in memberships)

Proper fundamentals and mechanics are the keys to an efficient powerful golf swing. Stance, posture, and alignment are the basis for proper fundamentals and mechanics deal with the travel and shape of the swing. So, what does this have to do with yoga? Everything!!

Your body needs to be in balance, strong and flexible in order to have the proper fundamentals and mechanics of a good swing. What good is a proper swing when you can only have it for a few holes, then tire because of a sore back or stiff muscles or a nagging injury? Your hard work in developing a sound swing is for naught if your body rebels as you swing your club.

Yoga with it asanas or physical poses, along with pranayama or breath, can add much needed flexibility, strength and balance required for proper golf mechanics and fundamentals, and can reduce the effects of the repetitive nature of the golf swing. In this class we will learn easy, fundamental yoga poses to loosen and stretch the body to prepare it for a day on the course and afterwards, to reduce the effects of repetition and stress on the body.

Please join Pat Meredith, an enthusiastic golfer and HOTV Yoga teacher for an informative and fun way to add flexibility, strength, and balance to your game.