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Yogic Deities and Hindu Philosophy

$162Purchase required to enroll

with Guest Teacher Manoj Chalam
6-9PM, Friday, October 19
Noon to 6PM, Saturday, October 20, 2018
Just Friday: $65/ Just Saturday: $125

Using statues to illustrate, Manoj will relate the symbolism of Hindu and Buddhist deities to the archetypes within us. Through mythology, we will uncover hidden symbolisms and learn the four ways to work with them as part of a spiritual practice. Manoj will help you find your Archetype/ personal deity/Ishtadevata. Discover how knowing and working with your archetypes can profoundly shift you, especially during moments of life transitions, and how these ancient teachings have practical relevance to your life, bringing peace of mind. Learn how the Lakshmi archetype addresses where you are in the Abraham Maslow hierarchy of needs. We will do experiential practices that invoke the powerful Lakshmi archetype from the collective unconscious all the way into our conscience minds.

Course Instructor Manoj Chalam, PhD, uses humor and personal anecdotes in his lectures and workshops to illuminate Hindu mythology. An Indian-born scientist with a PhD fro Cornell University, Manoj helps individuals ind their archetypes in Hindu Yogic deities and teaches the 4 ways to work with an archetype as a Vedantic practice. He has also compiled a book on the symbolisms of Hindu and Buddhist deities. Manoj presents workshops on Hindu symbolisms and Vedanta at yoga studios, keynotes at festivals, yoga journal conferences, ashrams and universities.

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